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What the best in the world say about Dorian Yates

See what Hany Rambod, Jay Cutler, Flex Wheeler, Rich Gaspari, Tom Platz and other big names in the fitness industry think about Dorian Yates and his training system.

Benefits of DY HIT Training System

Simple & Easy to Learn

DY HIT utilises the most effective exercises with both machines and free weights to help you achieve any fitness goal. Preaching simplicity, Dorian uses the best exercises for maximum efficiency.

The Correct Form

You will learn the correct form of every exercise, which is the foundation of reaching any fitness goal. Every exercise is explained completely by Dorian Yates himself, during real training in the gym.

The Most Time Efficient

This method has been proven by Dorian Yates for the last 40 years, in his professional career and training others. This training should last for 45 minutes / session for 3 or 4 days / week.

The DY HIT Theory

You will find here the entire HIT philosophy used by Dorian himself to become a legendary Mr. Olympia, fully explained, to reach your fitness goals: build muscle, get stronger, lose weight.

Train with the Legendary
6x Mr. Olympia

My name is Dorian Yates. I am a 6 time winner of the prestigious Mr. Olympia title and personal trainer. My training method, known as ‘Dorian Yates High Intensity Training’, will help you to reach your goals and get fit, strong and healthy.

Lifetime Access for Only 119$ 

Testimonials from people like you

Ever since I started using HIT style of training, my body has changed a lot. Especially my QUADS. I used to struggle to put size on my legs doing lots of volume with no benefit. Simplicity is key. Basic movements like leg extensions, leg press and hacks have improved my legs tremendously.
David M. Udi
I am definitely noticing great changes in my physique using this style of training, been doing the DY style training for a little over a year. Lost so much fat and noticed my legs and back blowing up especially - lucky to have access to a pullover machine. Also my forearms are insane from holding onto the barbell so long during the sets. Huge inspiration.
Mike Hawke
Way ahead of his game, most intelligent bodybuilder around the world today, champion forever. 🏋️‍♀️🏆
Christian Maguire
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Frequently asked questions

What does this online training contain?

The course contains both theoretical and practical parts. You will learn muscle anatomy, the best isolation and compound exercises for each muscle group, how to prepare mentally for each workout to give 100%, and also how to avoid injuries.

Who can follow this course? If I am a regular gym goer can I use it?

The course is built for amateur and professional athletes and for regular gym goers who feel that they have reached a plateau in their training. Dorian Yates explains the principles and the pillars of DY HIT, with written instructions and video explanations of the exercises, using regular gym goers or professional athletes for each muscle group.

How long does it take to learn this method?

You can go through this course at your own pace, testing and practicing the methods according to your physical and mental status. It depends on your time, capacity and familiarity with weight training in general, to be able to understand and apply the principles of DY HIT. Do not forget that safety must be your first focus, and you should apply this method correctly to reach the wanted results.

How long will I have access to the platform?

There is only one lifetime fee - $119. After paying this amount, your subscription is active and you can have access to the DY HIT course forever. There will be constant updates with video tutorials, tips & tricks and other content inside the course that you will be able to access with no additional cost.